To all the Heathkit Stereo aficionados out there searching for a quality servicing tech. LOOK NO FURTHER!! You found him, period! Kevin is an extremely talented perfectionist with a passion and love of the Heathkit systems. I built an AR-15 back in the very early 70's and much to my surprise, it worked perfectly the first time powered up. I was totally amazed at it's performance -- so much so, I designed and built a stereo cabinet for it. Over many good years of listening pleasure, I became very attached to it because nothing I ever owned came close to it's sound quality and power. As with all good things years and years of use eventually takes it's toll on something. A close friend of mine who owned and operated his own TV and Radio new sales and repair facility, kept it going for me through the years till the day health conditions prevented it. My unit has been playing every day ever since in my home residence, and for the last 22 years at my business, with 2 Sony 300 CD Disk changers. So every morning it's turned on, and every evening it's turned off. Needless to say it was, and is being used. Not wanting to give this unit to just anyone to go over, it became a very troubling thought as to what to do. Always in the back of my mind was trying to find someone who really appreciates and really loves these old units that's capable of their repair. I gotta tell ya, Kevin is the guy and much more. Hearing is believing, and believe me, your are going to hear. I could not have found anyone better. In fact, he can easily be the BEST by far!!
-- Tony Stanz- owner- (Back In Time) Antique and Classic Automotive Restoration, Bethlehem, PA

And prior to writing the above, when Tony first received the AR-15 back from being reconditioned, he said:
Hey Kevin, You hit this one out of the park! Fed X delivered it around 3:00 EST today but took me 2 hours before I could unpack it and hook it up. Fantastic job Kevin, you have certainly exceeded my expectations. The sound and function are superb. I have to say all you have done made all the difference in the world. As you've probably have guessed by now, it's back into it's home cabinet. So good to see it's face being properly lit again but above all, it's sound quality. I just can't wait to listen to it tomorrow.

Tony's AR-15